Taylor Wayer, the President and Director of Strength, Conditioning , and Fitness Coaching at GRIT Strength, knows more than anyone what it takes to stay in top physical shape, look great, and compete at a high level in sports, without the luxury of being extremely gifted athletically/genetically. 

Coach Wayer grew up in Indiana and dreamed of playing college basketball, but was faced with the competition of superior athletes throughout his career, and the challenge of being "undersized" for his sport. After working diligently, and in unique ways compared to his competition, he was given the opportunity to play for Indiana University under Tom Crean as a walk-on.

This privilege presented him with drastically different challenges to overcome.  Each day at practice and strength workouts, he had to compete with some of the most talented athletes in the world, while continuing to battle his height disadvantage.  He had to work harder, more efficiently, and in a different way just to survive.

While at Indiana, he set basketball school records in the weight room and became a pivotal part of the resurgence of one of the most prestigious basketball programs in the country.  Taylor uses those personal experiences and challenges, along with diligent research and guidance from some of the most respected and prestigious coaches in the world, to develop programs that have proven successful time and time again for his clients.

Looking great, feeling energized, and being healthy should not have to come with a tremendous sacrifice of time or drastic lifestyle change.  At GRIT Strength, we understand there is never enough time in a day as it is.  Finding time to spend hours at the gym, chasing a physique is not high on the priority list.

Our mission is to work with our clients to guide them towards a healthier, more productive life, and be happy with the way they look and perform, without a significant sacrifice to their current lifestyle.  We engineer an affordable, customized, results-driven strength & fitness experience that respects and values an individual’s time. 
Efficiency and time management in life is a must, and it should be no different in a strength & fitness plan.  Our programs push clients to not only achieve, but to crush their strength & fitness goals, while working with their current lifestyle and commitment level, with the added flexibility of doing it on your own time.

We focus on two types of fitness training programs – athletic performance strength and conditioning, as well as health improvement fitness training.   
Coach Taylor Wayer during his playing days at Indiana University