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For a limited time, become a GRIT Fam Member for just $5.99 and get access to all the trememndous benefits and content when we launch on 6/1!  Read more about the membership below...
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What is GRIT Fam?

GRIT Fam is a Members Only site where all of our premium content is housed and our community of members and followers gather to share information and best practices.   Our video library of over 250 Workouts and Exercises is housed on this site, with tips and technical instruction to make sure you are performaing each workout properly.  Other unique features are mentioned below:
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Workout Programs

Access to our effective, time-efficient, battle tested workout programs to help you reach your goals.  Programs to help Burn and Shed Fat, Build Muscle/Physique, Develop Strength, Train Like an Athlete, and much more.  New programs will be released each month!

Nutrition & Diet Plans

Access to nutrition advice, diet plans, as well as testing and direction on whether or not plans and "fads" are effective and how your body type might react to various nutrition plans.

Mindset Training & Motivation

For athletes and those just trying to reach fitness goals, mindset and mentality is far more important to success than people realize.  Access all Coach Wayer's training tips, coaching, confidence boosting pep talks, and mindset/mentality training tactics all in one place!

Customers Say

Check out some of our customer comments and success stories when working with GRIT!
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  1. "I love seeing what ordinary people do rather than these crazy steroid Instagram people do. It's good to see what is attainable for someone like you or me."
  2. "I love the workouts. They are tough but I can still get through them. I'm seeing a lot of change in my body. Loving it!"
  3. "Dude, my arms are in shock..I haven't done 4 things and I can barely move!"
  4. "Everything is going great. Still kicking my ass haha. I can tell I am getting more toned in areas. Might not make too much sense, but I feel like I can tell a difference so far, even if it's just a little. Can definitely tell I have more energy on a daily basis too.
  5. Mitch was down from 200 to 168 (32 lbs.) and his bench press had gone up 60 lbs. in just 12 short weeks. He has continued to work through our programming to keep burning off fat and improving his overall strength.
  6. Miles joined GRIT Strength weighing 140 lbs. After 2 months, he lost 5% body fat, and put on significant muscle to weigh 155 lbs. by the start of his senior season. He continued to work through the advancements in our programs and weighed 170 lbs. as he began his college basketball career at UIndy. He has increased his Bench Press Max by 50 lbs. and his Squat Max by nearly 100 lbs.