Meet The Team
  1. Founder, Director of Strength, Conditioning, and Fitness Coaching
    Founder, Director of Strength, Conditioning, and Fitness Coaching
    Taylor Wayer
    Coach Taylor Wayer was an Indiana kid who dreamed of playing college basketball, but was faced with the competition of superior athletes throughout his career. After working diligently, and in unique ways compared to his competition, he was given the opportunity to play at Indiana University for Tom Crean as walk-on. This privilege presented him with drastically different challenges to overcome. Each day at practice, and strength/conditioning workouts, he had to compete with some of the most talented athletes in the world. He had to work harder, more efficiently, and in a different way just to survive. Coach Wayer brings that same mindset and expertise to his strength and conditioning, as well as fitness and health improvement programs he has developed. He works to put clients in a position where they can achieve and surpass their fitness goals, while working in different ways to add flexibility, less time-commitment, and increase motivation to stick with a program, rather than deviate. Coach Wayer currently volunteers his time as an Assistant Varsity Men's Basketball Coach at Mt. Vernon High School in Fortville, IN, while also serving as the Head Strength and Conditioning Coach. He also founded Competitive Greatness, a basketball skill development company in the state of Indiana.
  2. Fitness Associate
    Fitness Associate
    Miles Wayer
    Miles Wayer, brother of Taylor, was one of the first athletes to participate in Coach Wayer's programs. As a sophomore in high school, Miles weighed 140 lbs. and lacked the physical strength to compete at the level he desired. After 2 months working with Coach Wayer, he lost 5% body fat, while gaining 15 lbs. of muscle to weigh 155 lbs. by the start of the season. He continued to work through the advancements in Coach Wayer's programs, and weighs 165 lbs. today. He has increased his Bench Press Max by 50 lbs. and his Squat Max by nearly 100 lbs. Miles believed so strongly in Coach Wayer's program, that he decided to join his brother in his work to help folks get stronger, more fit, and lead healthier lives. He currently helps with day-to-day operations, organizes program information, directs marketing efforts, and serves as a fitness intern, learning the programs and why the design works.