1. Kobe Bryant used Bone Broth, Should You?
    22 Aug, 2017
    Kobe Bryant used Bone Broth, Should You?
    It is a fairly well known fact, that Kobe Bryant mentioned Bone Broth as a key factor in his ability to come back from his achilles injury and perform towards the end of his career - but why?  What are the benefits, for athletes, health advocates, and fitness enthusiasts? Bone Broth contains numerous minerals, amino acids, and other compounds that can act similar to growth hormones/building blocks for performance as they aid in recovery, reducing inflammation/swelling, and improve gut health.
  2. Why GRIT? What is it?
    14 Aug, 2017
    Why GRIT? What is it?
    People always ask me, why GRIT Strength?  Of all the names you could have chosen, why GRIT? I remember how excited I was - finally getting to share my passion for sports performance and fitness with the world.  But there I was, sitting in my house, trying to think of something catchy, something that rolled right off the tongue - something people would remember.   Nothing.   Days went by and nothing seemed to stick. Then, by chance, I came across this TED Talk: ***Stop for one second: No