Fitness & Health Improvement Programs

Fitness on Your Time
We built our fitness programs on the idea that people want to scorch fat, build muscle, without a significant time investment.  Our programs are time-efficient, and proven effective.  See below for our different types of programs.
Lose Weight and Keep It Off!
Build Lean Muscle Tone and Add Strength!
Use Time Efficiently and Effectively Schedule Around Your Availablity!
  1. General Fitness & Health Plan
    A program for those who see a need to exercise and get in shape, but are not quite sure where to start. Begin with this general program that will help you get acclimated with different types of workouts and see what you like best. This helps determine more specific goals moving forward.
  2. Weight Loss & Management
    So many programs focus on losing weight. As important as weight loss can be, is it not just as important to keep the weight off? We call it a Weight Management Program. We want to help you lose the weight up front, and keep the weight off down the road. We help you manage your ideal weight throughout the process.
  3. Student
    Having trouble staying fit in college? Did the "Freshman 15" creep up on you and stick around longer than you'd like? We have all been there. Use our programs designed specifically for college students to keep that physique looking sharp on campus. And at a discounted rate!
  4. At-Home Workout
    A program designed for the stay-at-home Mom (or Dad) in all of us. Designed to be performed at home with use of little or no equipment. Don't let the lack of equipment fool you, this program is just as demanding, if not more so, than its equipment-heavy counterparts.
  5. Lean Muscle Builder
    This program is designed to tone and shape your muscles, while shedding fat, for a lean, cut-looking physique. A proven combination of fat burning, high intensity exercises, and resistance training will do the trick!
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