1. Samuel joined GRIT as a 6'7" basketball player, weighing in at 180 pounds in August. His goal was to increase his Bench Press Max by 15 lbs. and to weigh 200+ by the start of his senior season (end of October). In just 3 short months, Samuel weighed in at 205 lbs, has increased his vertical by 2 inches, and has increased his Bench Press Max by 20 lbs. Sam started his college workouts at Marian University and commented, "It went a lot better than I anticipated. A lot of the workouts you do are the same intensity as today."
    Samuel G.
  2. Michael joined GRIT as a 6'2" basketball player weighing in at 165lbs. He realized he needed to put on some muscle and increase his strength to help him to develop interest from NCAA Division I coaches. After 3 months of training, Michael had gained 10 lbs. of muscle, increased his Squat Max by 30 lbs, and increased his Bench Press Max by 15 lbs.
    Michael E.
  3. Alexandra was beginning her final semester of senior year at Purdue University. She did not have any specific goals in mind, but knew she wanted to lose weight. She joined GRIT, utlizing the general fitness programs for college students that target fat loss and build muscle. After just one week, she lost 3 lbs, and after 2 weeks she was down 7 lbs. Now almost a month into the program, she has lost 10 lbs. and feels energized, healthy, and has seen improved focus in class.
    Alexandra W.
    "Thank you for this, seriously. I am sore off my butt everyday since the 1st day but I already feel so much more confident and better!"
  4. Miles joined GRIT Strength in 2014 as a 6'0" point guard weighing 140 lbs. He wanted to put on as much lean muscle as possible, while increasing strength, and developing explosiveness, speed, and quickness. After 2 months, he lost 5% body fat, and put on significant muscle to weigh 155 lbs. by the start of the season. He continued to work through the advancements in our programs and weighs 170 lbs. today as he begins his college basketball career at University of Indianapolis. He has increased his Bench Press Max by 50 lbs. and his Squat Max by nearly 100 lbs.
    Miles W.
  5. Highlights: - Added 10 lbs. of lean muscle - Increased vertical by 2" - Increased single foot jump by 3" - Bench Press Max increased by 20 lbs.
    Michael T
  6. Mitch reached out to GRIT as a junior in college for help shedding some of the weight he had gained his first couple years in school, while building muscle. With a lot of hard work and determination in sticking to the program we put together and attacking it with maximum effort, he was down from 200 to 168 (32 lbs.) and his bench press had gone up 60 lbs. in just 12 short weeks. He has continued to work through our programming to keep burning off fat and improving his overall strength.
    Mitch F.