GRIT Strength is the gold standard in athlete strength and conditioning, and personal fitness programs. 
We understand every person is different. We lead different lives, with varying degress of obligaitons, limitations, and constraints, many of which come down to "not having enough time in a day." The lack of time in our busy schedules leaves us setting fitness goals that fall by the wayside, especially when working around a trainer's availability.
The fitness world is littered with trainers who are genetically gifted, naturally athletic, hopped up on supplements, eating ridiculously stringent diets, and have hours of availability to spend at the gym.  Many have a limited understanding of how hard it can be for people to try and change their body and look the way they want to.
A similar challenge is prevalent in athletics.  Sports are saturated with thousands of athletically gifted individuals, who dominate their respective sport(s) with natural talent.  In today’s world, it is too competitive to just go through the motions.  Now more than ever, athletes need to find a way to make up for differences in natural ability to compete at a high level.  They have to go above and beyond just to make their middle school and high school teams, and even more so to reach goals of playing in college or professionally.
The founder of GRIT Strength, Taylor Wayer, knows more than anyone what it takes to look great, and athletically compete a high level, without the luxury of being extremely gifted genetically. 

Through his own personal experiences and research, as well as the guidance of some of the most respected and prestigious coaches in the world, Coach Wayer developed programs that have proven successful, time and time again.  He set multiple school records in the weight room and became a pivotal part of one of the most prestigious basketball programs in the country.  He now utilizes this knowledge, experience, and expertise to provide best practices and successful programs to his clients.
Looking great, feeling energized, and being healthy should not have to come with a tremendous sacrifice of time or drastic lifestyle change.  We understand there is never enough time in a day as it is.  Finding time to spend hours at the gym chasing a physique is not high on the priority list.
Our mission is to work with our clients to guide them towards a healthier, more productive life, and be happy with the way they look, without a significant sacrifice to their current lifestyle.  We engineer an affordable, customized, results-driven fitness experience that respects and values an individual’s time. 
Efficiency and time management in life is a must, and it should be no different in a fitness plan.  We work with our clients to develop a program that pushes them to not only achieve, but to crush their fitness goals, while also fitting into their current lifestyle and commitment level.
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Taylor Wayer, Founder and Director of Strength, Conditioning, and Fitness Coaching at GRIT Strength, holds multiple IU school and positional strength records that still stand today.  Pictured above is the Indiana Basketball Stength & Conditioning Records as of 6/11/2015