6-Week Programs

Seriously Shredded

Get that ripped, shredded look by scorching that extra belly fat while building significant lean muscle.  Everything in this program is designed to get you that extremely cut, chiseled look, while building some serious strength.
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Fat Burner

Proven Results

Designed to help you not just lose weight, but keep it off.  Often times, it is not the first few pounds that is hard to lose.  The challenge becomes keeping that first round of weight off, while continuing to work towards lower numbers.
Clients have seen these type of results from our various 6-Week Programs:
  • Added 5-15 lbs. of lean muscle
  • Dropped body fat by 3-5%
  • Increased strength benchmarks (bench, squat, rep tests)
  • Improved vertical by 2"-6"
  • Lost 10 - 20 lbs. of fat in 6-Weeks

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Train Like An Athlete

Use the same program our high-level athletes use.  Emphasis on lean muscle development, strength/power output, and speed/agility work.  The plyometric speed and agility work doubles as a great fat burning program.

How It Works

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Once you purchase the program and sign a couple documents, you will take one day to test and see where you are at.  From there, you receive your program and get after it!
The programs consist of proven techniques developed by Coach Taylor Wayer and his staff.  Coach Wayer has extensive experience as an athlete and coach, and uses proven techniques to burn fat while building crazy lean muscle and strength.  The programs have been developed, tested, and tweaked to maximize results.

Crazy Athletic
***included in Train Like An Athlete and Explosive Athleticism training programs

Want to increase your vertical?  Need to improve your speed?  Get quicker and lighter on your feet?  This is the plan for you!  Focused on developing your core, as well as quick-twitch muscle fibers through high intensity plyometric training.  This program is included in all our "Train Like An Athlete" and full Explosive Athleticism programs for athletes, but is a solo product here as a 3-4 day per week supplement.

What You Get

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  • 6 Week-by-Week Workout Plans
  • Benchmark Testing to Track Results
  • Exposure to New Exercises
  • Descriptons of Exercises
  • ​Support from GRIT Strength Staff 

6-Week Six Pack
***included in all other training programs

6-week Program focused on sculpting your core to chisel that six pack. 3-4 days per week of core workouts that only take 20-30 minutes to do. Can be used as a stand-alone program or to supplement your current exercise program (this training is included in all of our other programs)
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At-Home HIIT

6-week Program focused on mostly bodyweight high-intensity interval (HIIT) training. 3 separate workouts performed twice each (for a total of 6 workout days), every week in the comfort of your home, apartment, or hotel room.  This program is great for people who travel! The workouts only take about 30 minutes to do and are designed to torch that extra belly fat, while toning up problem areas. 
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